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How does it work?

It is based on

  • a series of structured interviews across the key stakeholders, and suppliers (internal and external).
  • review of the project collateral - knowledgebase and the project planning, control, requirements, design and test artifacts.

The Project Diagnostic Quotient is based on an objective calculation of these factors weighted heavily towards the consultant's assessment of the tangible project artifacts.

It is not a case of 'hiring a consultant to tell me the time and then lending her my watch". We bring real experience to bear on projects.

Why should an organisation use projectPDQ?

The reasons are manifold, but typically:

New Projects
  • initiate a new project with best practice and an objective assessment of the risks.
Problem Projects
  • unbiased external assessment of project problems
  • make internal political issues visible
  • put the spotlight on 'the elephant in the room'
  • objectively moderated discussion of the issues
  • resolution plans originated outside the organisation thereby enabling easier internal ownership and
  • uniting the project personnel in a jointly owned resolution plan

What types of project does projectPDQ suit?

The service is appropriate for software development, infrastructure and migration projects, where total project effort is more than about 100 man-days.

The approach is technology-independent. If a project is failing because of technology issues then that is an indication of methodology issues. Whilst resolution may require technology-specific answers, the systemic methodology issue will still need to be addressed to avoid its reappearing in another project. Systemic methodology issues may include, for example: project sizing, planning and scheduling which is out of phase with the rate of business change; a deficient recruitment process; poor business requirements gathering and sign-off; lack of project standards; inappropriate toolsets; inadequate quality system; inadequate test processes.

Want to know more?

Contact me  to arrange an introductory meeting.

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